Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 7

After their battle with the Piper of Ill Marsh, the heroes decide to return to Ravengro. Along the way, Yosief tells everyone that he is ready to take vows of paladin-hood. He asks Daratrine to accept his vows. He asks Clutch to maintain security during the ceremony. He asks Harten and Jonas to stand by him during the ceremony.

That night, Murdoc goes out. Yosief plans the paladin ceremony that will take place in the morning.

In the morning, Murdoc is missing. The heroes go to the town square to do the ceremony. They find Murdoc there. He is drunk. Everyone takes positions and Murdoc begins to play music. Yosief takes his vows. During the ceremony, two stirges attack. It appears that they are responding to the music played by Murdoc. Clutch kills them both with one blow. Yosief thanks Clutch for saving his paladin ceremony from being ruined.

The villagers ask why the heroes brought stirges into their town. Harten explains that cats attract stirges. Then Jonas stays to clean up the mess.

The rest of the heroes take Murdoc to Kendra’s house. They place Vladimir Bloodtusk in charge of Murdoc to keep him out of trouble. A messenger to the house and tells Kendra that she needs to come to a town meeting that night.

Then Yosief, Jonas and Clutch go visit Sheriff Caeller. They tell him that stirges interrupted the paladin ceremony. They explain that Murdoc’s music may have attracted the stirges. So the nest must be near the town in order for them to hear it. They want to help destroy it. The sheriff tells them to come back in an hour after he has assembled a hunting party.

Daratrine and Kendra decide to go shopping. They go to the apothecary and speak to Jominda. They ask about Harrowstone, but Jominda is reluctant to talk to Daratrine.

Harten goes to the library and purchases access for a week. He then does research on the Mosswater Marauder.

Clutch, Jonas and Yosief spend the hour talking about the shield that Clutch will craft. Yosief wants a shield crafted by a fellow warrior. All the cool paladins have one. Then they return to the sheriff and meet Joe Bob, Jim Bob and Sam Bob. Yosief explains to them that he is a paladin. The brothers take the heroes around the town, but no stirge nest is found. Only paladin tracks. Apparently, it was the cats attracted the stirges after all. They return to Kendra’s house.

Clutch, Daratrine and Kendra go to the forge and meet the smithy. Her name is Jorfa. She is a dwarf. Daratrine has a blade that was forged by Jorfa. Jorfa gets along fine with Daratrine.

Councilman Hearthmount meets Daratrine and gives her a personal invitation to the town meeting.

Clutch cooks lunch for the hunting party. It is excellent. Yosief cleans up after lunch. Harten, Daratrine and Kendra return to the house. Everyone exchanges what they have learned. Harten is impressed with Yosief’s wisdom, and decides to compile his proverbs into a book.

Everyone goes to the meeting. A storm appears to be brewing. As the meeting progresses, panic starts to set in among the villagers. Then Jominda stands up and speaks. She has a solution. She wants the heroes to go in and solve the problem.

Thunder booms outside, and everyone hears a shriek.


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