Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 8

When the heroes look outside, they see flaming skulls approaching from Harrowstone. Four lamps in the building fall and set fires inside the town hall. Yosief puts out one fire. Harten directs people out of the building. Jonas casts Mage Armor on Yosief. Harten, Jonas and Daratrine get all the townsfolk out. Yosief, Bloodtusk and Clutch put out fires. Harten returns and puts out fires. The flaming skulls reach the town hall and enter the building. Daratrine, Jonas and Clutch destroy the flaming skulls. Then everyone works on extinguishing the flames. When all fires are out, an unknown man approaches. He touches the heroes and says, “Iomedae be with you”. Harten and Yosief are healed. The man walks into the town hall and vanishes. Harten asks Yosief if he wants a hug. Yosief hugs Harten.

The crowd disperses. Daratrine goes to Kendra’s house. Yosief, Harten, Jonas and Clutch go look for Jominda. She tells them to go get rest. Yosief, Harten, and Clutch go to the bar instead. Murdoc and Bloodtusk are there. The three heroes make toasts to victory and to clothes lost. The heroes return to Kendra’s house, they bathe, and then go to bed.

In the morning, Daratrine goes to visit Jominda. Along the way she passes a panicked villager. The letters “VE” have been painted on the memorial statue in cat blood. Jominda meets Daratrine and tells her that the town council will ask the heroes to go to Harrowstone and fix the problem. The town council will offer to pay the party.

Jominda tells her about Vance Saetressle. He was the Lopper. Daratrine comes back to Kendra’s house. The men have fixed breakfast. She tells them about the letters painted on the statue. Bloodtusk is sent out to clean it up. Daratrine decides not to eat breakfast with the men and she leaves to eat breakfast at the tavern. She steals clothes from the men’s rooms before she leaves. A lady meets Daratrine at the tavern and explains the details of employment to her. The town council will offer 500 gold pieces per party member. She also takes the stolen clothes from Daratrine.

Daratrine returns back to Kendra’s house. Yosief is washing dishes. Ulan rules have been enforced. Anyone who walked away from the table has had their food eaten by those who stayed. Daratrine explains the employment offer to the men. She explains the Lopper and the history of the riot.

Yosief leaves to purchase rope. Daratrine steals more clothes, this time only from Harten. Daratrine and Clutch go talk to Jominda. Then they deliver Harten’s coat to the lady.

Harten, Jonas and Yosief look for a town elder. They make arrangements to get mining equipment. Then they go to Harrowstone and measure the depth of the pit. Clutch and Daratrine follow behind. The pit is 20 feet deep. The heroes go visit Vesorianna and report what they have accomplished and they try to encourage her. She seems pleased at the progress, but urges them to hurry and destroy the other ghosts.


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