Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 6

The heroes leave Vesorianna to search for Warden Hawkran’s symbol of office, to find the five arch-criminal ghosts, and to defeat them. The heroes go upstairs. Three stirges attack them. The Ulan cousins easily defeat two of the stirges by themselves. The entire rest of the company desperately struggle against the third stirge. By working together, the other four heroes manage to take down the last single stirge.

The heroes continue to explore the upper floor and find the cell block. Each cell has the skeletal remains of a prisoner that died in the jail.

Suddenly the heroes are surrounded by the sound of a mournful dirge. The music forces the heroes to resist its magic or become staggered. The music also causes every skeleton to animate and rise to attack the heroes. And finally, it attracts three stirges into the area.

Battle begins. Initially most of the heroes focus on fighting the stirges. Yosief calls upon the power of Iomedae to drive back several of the skeletons. The stirges are quickly killed. Several skeletons are able to exit their cells, and they advance towards the heroes. The heroes start to destroy the skeletons while Yosief continues to force the monsters to flee. Yosief takes several hits from the skeletons, and one delivers a devastating blow, taking Yosief down. Jonas casts his Heavenly Fire power to heal Yosief. As the battle continues, Yosief is badly wounded again, and again Jonas heals Yosief, this time with a wand. Although the magic closes Yosief’s wounds, scars remain.

The heroes destroy all the skeletons that were able to exit their cells. They continue to explore while the sound of the mournful music continues. Daratrine goes up a ladder to the tower and finds a giant stirge. Eventually the music causes Jonas to fall into a trance. Yosief succumbs to the trance shortly thereafter. They have a vision of the Piper of Ill Marsh approaching them. Harten pulls out the Piper’s flute and he begins to play it. The flute causes Harten to bleed from his fingers and eyes. The music of the Piper decreases in volume, and Jonas and Yosief are able to see that the Piper in their vision begins to take damage from the music that Harten is playing.

Yosief manages to break free of the trance and informs the heroes to keep playing the flute to defeat the Piper. Daratrine battles against the giant stirge up in the tower. Clutch takes a defensive position to protect the party in case something comes at them. Jonas breaks free of the trance, and then he and Yosief take damage from a flock of phantom stirges.

Murdoc takes the flute away from Harten and plays the flute himself. He is also able to harm the piper with the flute’s music. But he suffers the same ill effects as Harten did, and also falls under the power of the flute, becoming entranced with the music he is playing. Harten takes the flute back and finished the song while Murdoc recovers. The final chords of the song that Harten plays destroy the Piper of Ill Marsh.

Only four ghosts are left.


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