Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 5

The heroes continue to explore the prison. They return back to the fungus room. The haunt returns and slams the door shut. The heroes go through the podium room. Daratrine opens the locked door and enters the next room. It is filled with antiques that are labeled. They find a set of masterwork thief tools, a medallion from the Shining Crusade, a painting, hair clips, a masterwork punch dagger, shurikens, a war razor and a wand of lesser restoration. Daratrine finds a secret room. Inside are the personal effects of the five arch-criminals. They are:

A bloodstained hand axe
A set of twelve holy symbols, all from a different deity
A leather-bound book
A smith’s hammer
A silver pipe

The heroes continue to explore and they find the guard’s offices. The offices still have paperwork inside of them. The heroes study the papers and discover that Father Charlatan was not a murderer. He was a con-artist that swindled money from people in exchange for fake miracles.

The heroes continue exploring and find the Warden’s office. Daratrine is able to open the safe. Inside is:

4 potions of cure moderate wounds
3 scrolls of lesser restoration
2 potions of remove disease

The heroes continue exploring and go past the washroom and come to the Chapel. It is filled with spider webs. Three giant spiders come out and attack the heroes. The heroes defeat them and investigate the Chapel.

Afterwards, they explore the Induction Chamber. Harten hears sobbing and experiences a feeling of hopelessness when he walks into the chamber. A set of manacles rises up and attacks Harten. Harten destroys them.

The heroes continue on and explore the Branding Room. Three branding irons rise up and attack Harten, Clutch and Daratrine. The irons are unable to hit the heroes, and they knock the irons away.

The heroes continue on to the workshop. Inside, they see lots of linen and a skeletal corpse lying on the floor. Daratrine and Jonas see a brick in the wall that looks odd. They go to investigate it. Yosief goes to investigate the corpse.

As he approaches it, the ghost of Vesorianna Hawkran rises and speaks to the party. She was the wife of Warden Hawkran. She answers questions that the heroes ask her. She explains that the Whispering Way cultists have cast a spell that removed her husband’s spirit from the prison. She is trying to keep the five arch-criminals from escaping, but she is weakening and eventually will not be able to contain them. She asks the heroes to destroy the spirits of the arch-criminals before they escape. Time is limited because somehow the Splatterman is spelling out Vsorianna’s name. Once her name is completely spelled out, she will be destroyed.


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