Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 4

The heroes return to Kendra’s house and go to bed. They wake up and leave town two hours before sunrise. They arrive at Harrowstone and wait for sunrise. The heroes enter the prison.

The first room they enter has fungus covering the walls. They continue through and enter the Auditorium. A ghost appears and slams the door behind them. The door is then held closed with magic. Everyone feels a wave of cold in the auditorium.

The heroes continue to the next room which is the Training Room. Three flaming skulls rise up out of a pit in the floor and attack. The heroes defeat them and continue on to the next room. It is the Furnace Room. There is a sign that says “Embermaw”. The furnace shoots a jet of flame at Clutch. Harten looks in the furnace and sees bones inside. Harten takes the bones and throws them into the water nearby. Daratrine recognizes this as a haunt. Throwing the bones into the water defeats the haunt. Yosief heals Clutch.

The heroes continue to the next room. It is the Infirmary. They meet a ghost nurse that they call Nurse Joy. Yosief and Jonas are overcome by fear and run away. Clutch, Harten, Murdoc and Daratrine fight the ghost. Daratrine is able to kill it with one shot from a ghost touched arrow. Inside the infirmary they find :

2 healers kits
3 vials of anti-toxin
2 vials of anti-plague
3 doses of blood block
3 doses of smelling salts
2 vials of soothe syrup
4 potions of cure light wounds.


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