Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 8

When the heroes look outside, they see flaming skulls approaching from Harrowstone. Four lamps in the building fall and set fires inside the town hall. Yosief puts out one fire. Harten directs people out of the building. Jonas casts Mage Armor on Yosief. Harten, Jonas and Daratrine get all the townsfolk out. Yosief, Bloodtusk and Clutch put out fires. Harten returns and puts out fires. The flaming skulls reach the town hall and enter the building. Daratrine, Jonas and Clutch destroy the flaming skulls. Then everyone works on extinguishing the flames. When all fires are out, an unknown man approaches. He touches the heroes and says, “Iomedae be with you”. Harten and Yosief are healed. The man walks into the town hall and vanishes. Harten asks Yosief if he wants a hug. Yosief hugs Harten.

The crowd disperses. Daratrine goes to Kendra’s house. Yosief, Harten, Jonas and Clutch go look for Jominda. She tells them to go get rest. Yosief, Harten, and Clutch go to the bar instead. Murdoc and Bloodtusk are there. The three heroes make toasts to victory and to clothes lost. The heroes return to Kendra’s house, they bathe, and then go to bed.

In the morning, Daratrine goes to visit Jominda. Along the way she passes a panicked villager. The letters “VE” have been painted on the memorial statue in cat blood. Jominda meets Daratrine and tells her that the town council will ask the heroes to go to Harrowstone and fix the problem. The town council will offer to pay the party.

Jominda tells her about Vance Saetressle. He was the Lopper. Daratrine comes back to Kendra’s house. The men have fixed breakfast. She tells them about the letters painted on the statue. Bloodtusk is sent out to clean it up. Daratrine decides not to eat breakfast with the men and she leaves to eat breakfast at the tavern. She steals clothes from the men’s rooms before she leaves. A lady meets Daratrine at the tavern and explains the details of employment to her. The town council will offer 500 gold pieces per party member. She also takes the stolen clothes from Daratrine.

Daratrine returns back to Kendra’s house. Yosief is washing dishes. Ulan rules have been enforced. Anyone who walked away from the table has had their food eaten by those who stayed. Daratrine explains the employment offer to the men. She explains the Lopper and the history of the riot.

Yosief leaves to purchase rope. Daratrine steals more clothes, this time only from Harten. Daratrine and Clutch go talk to Jominda. Then they deliver Harten’s coat to the lady.

Harten, Jonas and Yosief look for a town elder. They make arrangements to get mining equipment. Then they go to Harrowstone and measure the depth of the pit. Clutch and Daratrine follow behind. The pit is 20 feet deep. The heroes go visit Vesorianna and report what they have accomplished and they try to encourage her. She seems pleased at the progress, but urges them to hurry and destroy the other ghosts.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 7

After their battle with the Piper of Ill Marsh, the heroes decide to return to Ravengro. Along the way, Yosief tells everyone that he is ready to take vows of paladin-hood. He asks Daratrine to accept his vows. He asks Clutch to maintain security during the ceremony. He asks Harten and Jonas to stand by him during the ceremony.

That night, Murdoc goes out. Yosief plans the paladin ceremony that will take place in the morning.

In the morning, Murdoc is missing. The heroes go to the town square to do the ceremony. They find Murdoc there. He is drunk. Everyone takes positions and Murdoc begins to play music. Yosief takes his vows. During the ceremony, two stirges attack. It appears that they are responding to the music played by Murdoc. Clutch kills them both with one blow. Yosief thanks Clutch for saving his paladin ceremony from being ruined.

The villagers ask why the heroes brought stirges into their town. Harten explains that cats attract stirges. Then Jonas stays to clean up the mess.

The rest of the heroes take Murdoc to Kendra’s house. They place Vladimir Bloodtusk in charge of Murdoc to keep him out of trouble. A messenger to the house and tells Kendra that she needs to come to a town meeting that night.

Then Yosief, Jonas and Clutch go visit Sheriff Caeller. They tell him that stirges interrupted the paladin ceremony. They explain that Murdoc’s music may have attracted the stirges. So the nest must be near the town in order for them to hear it. They want to help destroy it. The sheriff tells them to come back in an hour after he has assembled a hunting party.

Daratrine and Kendra decide to go shopping. They go to the apothecary and speak to Jominda. They ask about Harrowstone, but Jominda is reluctant to talk to Daratrine.

Harten goes to the library and purchases access for a week. He then does research on the Mosswater Marauder.

Clutch, Jonas and Yosief spend the hour talking about the shield that Clutch will craft. Yosief wants a shield crafted by a fellow warrior. All the cool paladins have one. Then they return to the sheriff and meet Joe Bob, Jim Bob and Sam Bob. Yosief explains to them that he is a paladin. The brothers take the heroes around the town, but no stirge nest is found. Only paladin tracks. Apparently, it was the cats attracted the stirges after all. They return to Kendra’s house.

Clutch, Daratrine and Kendra go to the forge and meet the smithy. Her name is Jorfa. She is a dwarf. Daratrine has a blade that was forged by Jorfa. Jorfa gets along fine with Daratrine.

Councilman Hearthmount meets Daratrine and gives her a personal invitation to the town meeting.

Clutch cooks lunch for the hunting party. It is excellent. Yosief cleans up after lunch. Harten, Daratrine and Kendra return to the house. Everyone exchanges what they have learned. Harten is impressed with Yosief’s wisdom, and decides to compile his proverbs into a book.

Everyone goes to the meeting. A storm appears to be brewing. As the meeting progresses, panic starts to set in among the villagers. Then Jominda stands up and speaks. She has a solution. She wants the heroes to go in and solve the problem.

Thunder booms outside, and everyone hears a shriek.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 6

The heroes leave Vesorianna to search for Warden Hawkran’s symbol of office, to find the five arch-criminal ghosts, and to defeat them. The heroes go upstairs. Three stirges attack them. The Ulan cousins easily defeat two of the stirges by themselves. The entire rest of the company desperately struggle against the third stirge. By working together, the other four heroes manage to take down the last single stirge.

The heroes continue to explore the upper floor and find the cell block. Each cell has the skeletal remains of a prisoner that died in the jail.

Suddenly the heroes are surrounded by the sound of a mournful dirge. The music forces the heroes to resist its magic or become staggered. The music also causes every skeleton to animate and rise to attack the heroes. And finally, it attracts three stirges into the area.

Battle begins. Initially most of the heroes focus on fighting the stirges. Yosief calls upon the power of Iomedae to drive back several of the skeletons. The stirges are quickly killed. Several skeletons are able to exit their cells, and they advance towards the heroes. The heroes start to destroy the skeletons while Yosief continues to force the monsters to flee. Yosief takes several hits from the skeletons, and one delivers a devastating blow, taking Yosief down. Jonas casts his Heavenly Fire power to heal Yosief. As the battle continues, Yosief is badly wounded again, and again Jonas heals Yosief, this time with a wand. Although the magic closes Yosief’s wounds, scars remain.

The heroes destroy all the skeletons that were able to exit their cells. They continue to explore while the sound of the mournful music continues. Daratrine goes up a ladder to the tower and finds a giant stirge. Eventually the music causes Jonas to fall into a trance. Yosief succumbs to the trance shortly thereafter. They have a vision of the Piper of Ill Marsh approaching them. Harten pulls out the Piper’s flute and he begins to play it. The flute causes Harten to bleed from his fingers and eyes. The music of the Piper decreases in volume, and Jonas and Yosief are able to see that the Piper in their vision begins to take damage from the music that Harten is playing.

Yosief manages to break free of the trance and informs the heroes to keep playing the flute to defeat the Piper. Daratrine battles against the giant stirge up in the tower. Clutch takes a defensive position to protect the party in case something comes at them. Jonas breaks free of the trance, and then he and Yosief take damage from a flock of phantom stirges.

Murdoc takes the flute away from Harten and plays the flute himself. He is also able to harm the piper with the flute’s music. But he suffers the same ill effects as Harten did, and also falls under the power of the flute, becoming entranced with the music he is playing. Harten takes the flute back and finished the song while Murdoc recovers. The final chords of the song that Harten plays destroy the Piper of Ill Marsh.

Only four ghosts are left.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 5

The heroes continue to explore the prison. They return back to the fungus room. The haunt returns and slams the door shut. The heroes go through the podium room. Daratrine opens the locked door and enters the next room. It is filled with antiques that are labeled. They find a set of masterwork thief tools, a medallion from the Shining Crusade, a painting, hair clips, a masterwork punch dagger, shurikens, a war razor and a wand of lesser restoration. Daratrine finds a secret room. Inside are the personal effects of the five arch-criminals. They are:

A bloodstained hand axe
A set of twelve holy symbols, all from a different deity
A leather-bound book
A smith’s hammer
A silver pipe

The heroes continue to explore and they find the guard’s offices. The offices still have paperwork inside of them. The heroes study the papers and discover that Father Charlatan was not a murderer. He was a con-artist that swindled money from people in exchange for fake miracles.

The heroes continue exploring and find the Warden’s office. Daratrine is able to open the safe. Inside is:

4 potions of cure moderate wounds
3 scrolls of lesser restoration
2 potions of remove disease

The heroes continue exploring and go past the washroom and come to the Chapel. It is filled with spider webs. Three giant spiders come out and attack the heroes. The heroes defeat them and investigate the Chapel.

Afterwards, they explore the Induction Chamber. Harten hears sobbing and experiences a feeling of hopelessness when he walks into the chamber. A set of manacles rises up and attacks Harten. Harten destroys them.

The heroes continue on and explore the Branding Room. Three branding irons rise up and attack Harten, Clutch and Daratrine. The irons are unable to hit the heroes, and they knock the irons away.

The heroes continue on to the workshop. Inside, they see lots of linen and a skeletal corpse lying on the floor. Daratrine and Jonas see a brick in the wall that looks odd. They go to investigate it. Yosief goes to investigate the corpse.

As he approaches it, the ghost of Vesorianna Hawkran rises and speaks to the party. She was the wife of Warden Hawkran. She answers questions that the heroes ask her. She explains that the Whispering Way cultists have cast a spell that removed her husband’s spirit from the prison. She is trying to keep the five arch-criminals from escaping, but she is weakening and eventually will not be able to contain them. She asks the heroes to destroy the spirits of the arch-criminals before they escape. Time is limited because somehow the Splatterman is spelling out Vsorianna’s name. Once her name is completely spelled out, she will be destroyed.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 4

The heroes return to Kendra’s house and go to bed. They wake up and leave town two hours before sunrise. They arrive at Harrowstone and wait for sunrise. The heroes enter the prison.

The first room they enter has fungus covering the walls. They continue through and enter the Auditorium. A ghost appears and slams the door behind them. The door is then held closed with magic. Everyone feels a wave of cold in the auditorium.

The heroes continue to the next room which is the Training Room. Three flaming skulls rise up out of a pit in the floor and attack. The heroes defeat them and continue on to the next room. It is the Furnace Room. There is a sign that says “Embermaw”. The furnace shoots a jet of flame at Clutch. Harten looks in the furnace and sees bones inside. Harten takes the bones and throws them into the water nearby. Daratrine recognizes this as a haunt. Throwing the bones into the water defeats the haunt. Yosief heals Clutch.

The heroes continue to the next room. It is the Infirmary. They meet a ghost nurse that they call Nurse Joy. Yosief and Jonas are overcome by fear and run away. Clutch, Harten, Murdoc and Daratrine fight the ghost. Daratrine is able to kill it with one shot from a ghost touched arrow. Inside the infirmary they find :

2 healers kits
3 vials of anti-toxin
2 vials of anti-plague
3 doses of blood block
3 doses of smelling salts
2 vials of soothe syrup
4 potions of cure light wounds.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 3

The heroes investigate the area around Harrowstone. Clutch, Murdoc and Yosief find old tracks. Jonas realizes that they were humanoids wearing shoes.

The heroes push the front gates open. Clutch and Harten experience a feeling of claustrophobia and of being on fire. But they push on despite their fear and pain.

The heroes investigate the manor house. Harten sees that the house is unstable, but the heroes decide to investigate anyway. Inside, they find a sign that identifies the house as Warden Hawkran’s house. During the investigation, a portion of the ceiling falls on Jonas, wounding him. Yosief casts healing magic on him.

The heroes exit the house and follow the track to the prison. Along the foundation, the heroes find runes written along the foundation wall. The runes are etched into the stone and are covered in blood. Lyvar Hawkran’s name is repeated over and over in the script. The script is a magic incantation. The runes are written all along the entire building, and the heroes are able to tell that they have been recently inscribed. The incantation magic involves abjuration and necromancy.

The heroes decide to return to Kendra’s house. When they get there, they realize that Vladimir is not there. Yosief, Clutch and Murdoc want to go look for him. After a long search, they find him sleeping in the Pharasmian church. Yosief leaves a note instructing him to come back to the house when he wakes up. The heroes return to Kendra’s house and get some sleep.

In the morning, the heroes eat breakfast, and Vladimir returns. The heroes research the incantation. They are able to determine that the inscription is the beginning of something bigger which somehow involves the deceased warden. The warden was the focus of the inscribed magic. Yosief investigates and notices that Mrs. Hawkran’s name in not inscribed on the memorial statue.

The heroes go visit Father Grimburrow. After he listens to everything they have to say, he suggests that they go visit the Unfurling Scroll a school and magic item shop. The shop is owned by Alendru Ghoroven and he has a library there that may help with the investigation.

The heroes leave, and go visit Sheriff Caeller. They report everything that they learned. The sheriff tells them to continue their investigation, but not to let townsfolk find out about it.

The heroes go visit Alendru Ghoroven and he lets the heroes use his library to assist in the investigation.

Yosief decides to study the Whispering Way. He learns that they are an organization of necromancers who have been active for thousands of years. They often ally themselves with undead to further their goals. Tar-Baphon the Whispering Tyrant was the most active and infamous member of the organization. The Way is a series of philosophies that are only whispered from one member to another. They are never written down. Agents of the Way seek ways to make liches and to release Tar-Baphon from his prison. If an outsider learns too much about the Way, they are killed and the victim’s mouth is mutilated so that nobody can cast Speak with Dead on the corpse. This is what happened to Professor Lorrimor.

Murdoc decides to study the five infamous prisoners of Harrowstone. He learns about Professor Hean Feramin. He was a scholar in Anthroponomastics (the study of personal names and their origins). He was from Caliphis. Feramin was obsessed with names and what happens to people’s names when they died. He became known as the Splatterman because he was a serial killer. He would choose a victim, and he would spell out their name in blood or in body parts, one letter at a time over the course of several days. When the name was completely spelled out, he would murder his victim.

Jonas decides to study the magical incantation. He learns that the spell captures and imprisons the ghost of Warden Hawkran.

Harten, Clutch and Daratrine go to Sheriff Caeller to see if he has anything that he needs them to do. He has nothing specific, so they walk around town looking for ways to help out in town.

Daratrine sees two farmers arguing, and she helps them resolve their disagreement.

Clutch sees a group of men working on a broken wagon. He sets up a rig to lift the wagon.

Harten sees two girls playing by the town’s well. They get into an argument, and one girl accidently pushes her friend into the well, where she will surely die if nobody helps her. Harten decides to go into the well, and he is able to climb back out with her, saving her life.

And the townspeople begin to warm up the heroes.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 2

The heroes investigate the statue. The letter “V” has been painted on the statue base. The crowd blames the heroes. Daratrine finds a dead rat. It is apparent that the letter was painted on the statue with the rat’s blood.

Sheriff Caeller arrives. He is shocked. One of the names on the base has the last name of Caeller. Sheriff Caeller places his hand on that name and murmurs, “I am sorry.” He asks who found the mark on the statue. One of the townsfolk steps forward and claims to have found it. The sheriff takes the man to the jail for further questioning.

The heroes go visit Father Grimburrow. They tell him about the treasure that was in the false crypt. The heroes ask if they can use those items to investigate The Whispering Way and Professor Lorrimor’s death. He agrees to let the heroes keep the items.

The heroes tell Father Grimburrow about the vandalism at the statue. There is discussion about the statue. It commemorates the guards at Harrowstone Prison who died during the fire that destroyed it. Between Father Grimburrow, Yosief and Murdock, the following information is revealed.

The prison burned 50 years ago and its ruins have been empty ever since. The locals think it is haunted and don’t talk about it. The prison was built 117 years ago. Ravengro was founded at the same time for the guards and their families to live at. Fire destroyed the underground east wing. The stone above ground remains. The warden and his wife died there. It is unclear why the warden’s wife was at the prison. The statue in Ravengro was erected shortly after the fire. Criminals that were sent to Harrowstone only spent a few months there before they were executed. Fifty years ago, there was a prison riot, and a fire broke out. When the fire broke out, Warden Hawkran and 23 guards prevented the prisoners from escaping.

Jonas and Harken return to Kendra’s house to research Harrowstone. They send Vladimir Bloodtusk out to join Yosief, Clutch and Murdock. Their research finds out that originally Harrowstone was only for locals. Eventually, other towns sent their most dangerous prisoners there. At the time of the fire, the number of prisoners was at the highest level ever. The five most notorious prisoners were: Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder, The Piper of Ill Marsh and The Splatter Man.

The true name of the Piper of Ill Marsh is unknown. It is known that he would torment victims with a terrible dirge. Then he would poison them with lich dust. Then he would set a swarm of stirges upon them.

Meanwhile, Yosief, Murdock and Clutch see young girls singing a creepy song as they jump rope. With Yosief’s help. Murdock is able to convince them to teach him their song. After learning the song, the three go visit Sheriff Caeller. They ask for permission to clean the statue. The sheriff gives permission, but asks that great care is taken with the statue. The three stop by Kendra’s house to get cleaning supplies, and Murdock is singing the girls’ song in Kendra’s house. Kendra seems to think it is odd that an adult man would walk around singing a young girl’s play song. The heroes go out and clean the statue.

After the statue is cleaned, the heroes return to Kendra’s house. They use the spirit board and ask “Did the Whispering Way kill Professor Lorrimor?” The answer is “Maybe.”

The heroes head out that night to the ruins of Harrowstone. As they approach the ruined wall, they try to decide the best way to begin their investigations.

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone
Session 1

The story opens with the characters traveling to Ravengro to attend Professor Lorrimor’s funeral. Clutch is traveling north, and on the road he meets Murdock, the Bard. Yosief, Jonas and Vladimir Bloodtusk are traveling together. Daratrine is traveling by herself. Harten is traveling by himself by carriage. Outside of Ravengro, the carriage is forced to stop for a minor repair. While it is stopped, all of the heroes meet each other.

They enter Ravengro together and arrive right as the funeral procession is about to take Professor Lorrimor’s casket to the graveyard. Everyone is greeted by Kendra Lorrimor, the professor’s daughter. Yosief, Harten, Murdock and Clutch volunteer to be pallbearers. Several mourners are present to pay their respects.

As the procession approaches the graveyard, they are blocked by a crowd that does not want the professor’s body buried there. They didn’t like the professor or something. Harten speaks to them and convinces them to stand aside and allow the funeral to proceed. Father Vauran Grimburrow conducts the ceremony and then asks people to come forward and speak about Professor Lorrimor. Kendra steps forward and speaks about her father. Yosief steps forward to speak, but after a few words, he is overcome with emotion and Jonas has to come forward and finish for him. Harten speaks next about how the professor helped the noble folk. Clutch speaks next, and he is followed by Murdock. Murdock plays the professor’s favorite song. The performance is wonderful and the crowd is deeply moved. After the song, Daratrine steps forward and speaks about the professor’s work. Vladimir Bloodtusk is the last to speak. His speech is short but powerful. “The professor hated ghouls. I hate ghouls. When I kill a ghoul, I will remember the professor.”

After the funeral, Kendra invites the heroes to her house. They all join her there, and they wait for Councilman Vashian Hearthmount to arrive and read the professor’s will. When the councilman arrives, it seems that he does not approve of the heroes. It is presumed that it is because they are outsiders. He states that the will cannot be read until all the heroes and Kendra are present. The heroes are surprised that their presence is required.

When Councilman Hearthmount is ready to start, he breaks the seal on the will, and a key falls out. The councilman reads the will. All of his property is left to Kendra. He asks the heroes to perform two services for him. First, he asks that the heroes deliver a chest of books to Lepidstadt University. Second, he asks the heroes to stay with Kendra for a month to keep her safe while she decides what to do with her estate. If the heroes do both of these things, each will receive 100 platinum pieces. Councilman Vashian then leaves. Kendra asks the stay at her house. The heroes agree. Then Kendra then brings out a locked chest. The key from the will opens it, and inside are several books. They are:
A purple book with a lock.
A book titled “On Verified Madness” – a treatise on aberrations.
A book titled “Serving Your Hunger” – a book sacred to Urgathoa.
A book titled “Unbral Leaves” – a book about the teachings of Zon Kuthon.
Professor Lorrimor’s personal journal.

Jonas reads the journal, and discovers clues about the professor’s death. The book also describes a secret cache of magic items hidden in a false crypt in the graveyard.

The heroes make plans to visit the crypt. They leave Vladimir at the house to protect Kendra. The heroes go to Father Grimburrow’s house, but he is not there. They continue on to the temple, and find him there. He speaks with the heroes. Harten reads the journal to him, and after a lot of persuasion, he gives the heroes permission to investigate the false crypt.

The heroes proceed on to the graveyard and find the crypt. The lock has been cut using acid. The heroes go inside and find it has no corpses. In the far back room, the party is attacked by two giant centipedes. After the centipedes are killed the party opens a large stone sarcophagus. Inside they find:
12 Silver Arrows
4 Sunrods
6 flasks of Holy Water
10 magical +1 Arrows
4 Haunt Siphons
5 magical +1 Ghost Touched Arrows
2 magical +1 Undead Bane Arrows
5 potions of Cure Light Wounds
2 potions of Lesser Restoration
1 scroll of Detect Undead
2 scrolls of Hide from Undead
1 scroll of Protection from Evil
A thin darkwood case with the symbol of the Palatine Eye. Inside the case is a spirit board.
The heroes can see that six Haunt Siphons have been removed.

The heroes take all of the items and return to Kendra’s house to rest for the evening.

The next morning, there is a large commotion down by the river. The heroes go out to investigate. There is a large crowd beside the large statue that is a memorial to the soldiers at Harrowstone Prison who gave their lives to prevent a prison escape several years ago when there was a fire in the prison. During the night, somebody has painted a large letter “V” in blood on the statue.

The heroes contemplate how to calm the unruly crowd.


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