Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 3

The heroes investigate the area around Harrowstone. Clutch, Murdoc and Yosief find old tracks. Jonas realizes that they were humanoids wearing shoes.

The heroes push the front gates open. Clutch and Harten experience a feeling of claustrophobia and of being on fire. But they push on despite their fear and pain.

The heroes investigate the manor house. Harten sees that the house is unstable, but the heroes decide to investigate anyway. Inside, they find a sign that identifies the house as Warden Hawkran’s house. During the investigation, a portion of the ceiling falls on Jonas, wounding him. Yosief casts healing magic on him.

The heroes exit the house and follow the track to the prison. Along the foundation, the heroes find runes written along the foundation wall. The runes are etched into the stone and are covered in blood. Lyvar Hawkran’s name is repeated over and over in the script. The script is a magic incantation. The runes are written all along the entire building, and the heroes are able to tell that they have been recently inscribed. The incantation magic involves abjuration and necromancy.

The heroes decide to return to Kendra’s house. When they get there, they realize that Vladimir is not there. Yosief, Clutch and Murdoc want to go look for him. After a long search, they find him sleeping in the Pharasmian church. Yosief leaves a note instructing him to come back to the house when he wakes up. The heroes return to Kendra’s house and get some sleep.

In the morning, the heroes eat breakfast, and Vladimir returns. The heroes research the incantation. They are able to determine that the inscription is the beginning of something bigger which somehow involves the deceased warden. The warden was the focus of the inscribed magic. Yosief investigates and notices that Mrs. Hawkran’s name in not inscribed on the memorial statue.

The heroes go visit Father Grimburrow. After he listens to everything they have to say, he suggests that they go visit the Unfurling Scroll a school and magic item shop. The shop is owned by Alendru Ghoroven and he has a library there that may help with the investigation.

The heroes leave, and go visit Sheriff Caeller. They report everything that they learned. The sheriff tells them to continue their investigation, but not to let townsfolk find out about it.

The heroes go visit Alendru Ghoroven and he lets the heroes use his library to assist in the investigation.

Yosief decides to study the Whispering Way. He learns that they are an organization of necromancers who have been active for thousands of years. They often ally themselves with undead to further their goals. Tar-Baphon the Whispering Tyrant was the most active and infamous member of the organization. The Way is a series of philosophies that are only whispered from one member to another. They are never written down. Agents of the Way seek ways to make liches and to release Tar-Baphon from his prison. If an outsider learns too much about the Way, they are killed and the victim’s mouth is mutilated so that nobody can cast Speak with Dead on the corpse. This is what happened to Professor Lorrimor.

Murdoc decides to study the five infamous prisoners of Harrowstone. He learns about Professor Hean Feramin. He was a scholar in Anthroponomastics (the study of personal names and their origins). He was from Caliphis. Feramin was obsessed with names and what happens to people’s names when they died. He became known as the Splatterman because he was a serial killer. He would choose a victim, and he would spell out their name in blood or in body parts, one letter at a time over the course of several days. When the name was completely spelled out, he would murder his victim.

Jonas decides to study the magical incantation. He learns that the spell captures and imprisons the ghost of Warden Hawkran.

Harten, Clutch and Daratrine go to Sheriff Caeller to see if he has anything that he needs them to do. He has nothing specific, so they walk around town looking for ways to help out in town.

Daratrine sees two farmers arguing, and she helps them resolve their disagreement.

Clutch sees a group of men working on a broken wagon. He sets up a rig to lift the wagon.

Harten sees two girls playing by the town’s well. They get into an argument, and one girl accidently pushes her friend into the well, where she will surely die if nobody helps her. Harten decides to go into the well, and he is able to climb back out with her, saving her life.

And the townspeople begin to warm up the heroes.


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