Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 2

The heroes investigate the statue. The letter “V” has been painted on the statue base. The crowd blames the heroes. Daratrine finds a dead rat. It is apparent that the letter was painted on the statue with the rat’s blood.

Sheriff Caeller arrives. He is shocked. One of the names on the base has the last name of Caeller. Sheriff Caeller places his hand on that name and murmurs, “I am sorry.” He asks who found the mark on the statue. One of the townsfolk steps forward and claims to have found it. The sheriff takes the man to the jail for further questioning.

The heroes go visit Father Grimburrow. They tell him about the treasure that was in the false crypt. The heroes ask if they can use those items to investigate The Whispering Way and Professor Lorrimor’s death. He agrees to let the heroes keep the items.

The heroes tell Father Grimburrow about the vandalism at the statue. There is discussion about the statue. It commemorates the guards at Harrowstone Prison who died during the fire that destroyed it. Between Father Grimburrow, Yosief and Murdock, the following information is revealed.

The prison burned 50 years ago and its ruins have been empty ever since. The locals think it is haunted and don’t talk about it. The prison was built 117 years ago. Ravengro was founded at the same time for the guards and their families to live at. Fire destroyed the underground east wing. The stone above ground remains. The warden and his wife died there. It is unclear why the warden’s wife was at the prison. The statue in Ravengro was erected shortly after the fire. Criminals that were sent to Harrowstone only spent a few months there before they were executed. Fifty years ago, there was a prison riot, and a fire broke out. When the fire broke out, Warden Hawkran and 23 guards prevented the prisoners from escaping.

Jonas and Harken return to Kendra’s house to research Harrowstone. They send Vladimir Bloodtusk out to join Yosief, Clutch and Murdock. Their research finds out that originally Harrowstone was only for locals. Eventually, other towns sent their most dangerous prisoners there. At the time of the fire, the number of prisoners was at the highest level ever. The five most notorious prisoners were: Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder, The Piper of Ill Marsh and The Splatter Man.

The true name of the Piper of Ill Marsh is unknown. It is known that he would torment victims with a terrible dirge. Then he would poison them with lich dust. Then he would set a swarm of stirges upon them.

Meanwhile, Yosief, Murdock and Clutch see young girls singing a creepy song as they jump rope. With Yosief’s help. Murdock is able to convince them to teach him their song. After learning the song, the three go visit Sheriff Caeller. They ask for permission to clean the statue. The sheriff gives permission, but asks that great care is taken with the statue. The three stop by Kendra’s house to get cleaning supplies, and Murdock is singing the girls’ song in Kendra’s house. Kendra seems to think it is odd that an adult man would walk around singing a young girl’s play song. The heroes go out and clean the statue.

After the statue is cleaned, the heroes return to Kendra’s house. They use the spirit board and ask “Did the Whispering Way kill Professor Lorrimor?” The answer is “Maybe.”

The heroes head out that night to the ruins of Harrowstone. As they approach the ruined wall, they try to decide the best way to begin their investigations.


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