Carrion Crown

Carrion Crown – The Haunting of Harrowstone

Session 1

The story opens with the characters traveling to Ravengro to attend Professor Lorrimor’s funeral. Clutch is traveling north, and on the road he meets Murdock, the Bard. Yosief, Jonas and Vladimir Bloodtusk are traveling together. Daratrine is traveling by herself. Harten is traveling by himself by carriage. Outside of Ravengro, the carriage is forced to stop for a minor repair. While it is stopped, all of the heroes meet each other.

They enter Ravengro together and arrive right as the funeral procession is about to take Professor Lorrimor’s casket to the graveyard. Everyone is greeted by Kendra Lorrimor, the professor’s daughter. Yosief, Harten, Murdock and Clutch volunteer to be pallbearers. Several mourners are present to pay their respects.

As the procession approaches the graveyard, they are blocked by a crowd that does not want the professor’s body buried there. They didn’t like the professor or something. Harten speaks to them and convinces them to stand aside and allow the funeral to proceed. Father Vauran Grimburrow conducts the ceremony and then asks people to come forward and speak about Professor Lorrimor. Kendra steps forward and speaks about her father. Yosief steps forward to speak, but after a few words, he is overcome with emotion and Jonas has to come forward and finish for him. Harten speaks next about how the professor helped the noble folk. Clutch speaks next, and he is followed by Murdock. Murdock plays the professor’s favorite song. The performance is wonderful and the crowd is deeply moved. After the song, Daratrine steps forward and speaks about the professor’s work. Vladimir Bloodtusk is the last to speak. His speech is short but powerful. “The professor hated ghouls. I hate ghouls. When I kill a ghoul, I will remember the professor.”

After the funeral, Kendra invites the heroes to her house. They all join her there, and they wait for Councilman Vashian Hearthmount to arrive and read the professor’s will. When the councilman arrives, it seems that he does not approve of the heroes. It is presumed that it is because they are outsiders. He states that the will cannot be read until all the heroes and Kendra are present. The heroes are surprised that their presence is required.

When Councilman Hearthmount is ready to start, he breaks the seal on the will, and a key falls out. The councilman reads the will. All of his property is left to Kendra. He asks the heroes to perform two services for him. First, he asks that the heroes deliver a chest of books to Lepidstadt University. Second, he asks the heroes to stay with Kendra for a month to keep her safe while she decides what to do with her estate. If the heroes do both of these things, each will receive 100 platinum pieces. Councilman Vashian then leaves. Kendra asks the stay at her house. The heroes agree. Then Kendra then brings out a locked chest. The key from the will opens it, and inside are several books. They are:
A purple book with a lock.
A book titled “On Verified Madness” – a treatise on aberrations.
A book titled “Serving Your Hunger” – a book sacred to Urgathoa.
A book titled “Unbral Leaves” – a book about the teachings of Zon Kuthon.
Professor Lorrimor’s personal journal.

Jonas reads the journal, and discovers clues about the professor’s death. The book also describes a secret cache of magic items hidden in a false crypt in the graveyard.

The heroes make plans to visit the crypt. They leave Vladimir at the house to protect Kendra. The heroes go to Father Grimburrow’s house, but he is not there. They continue on to the temple, and find him there. He speaks with the heroes. Harten reads the journal to him, and after a lot of persuasion, he gives the heroes permission to investigate the false crypt.

The heroes proceed on to the graveyard and find the crypt. The lock has been cut using acid. The heroes go inside and find it has no corpses. In the far back room, the party is attacked by two giant centipedes. After the centipedes are killed the party opens a large stone sarcophagus. Inside they find:
12 Silver Arrows
4 Sunrods
6 flasks of Holy Water
10 magical +1 Arrows
4 Haunt Siphons
5 magical +1 Ghost Touched Arrows
2 magical +1 Undead Bane Arrows
5 potions of Cure Light Wounds
2 potions of Lesser Restoration
1 scroll of Detect Undead
2 scrolls of Hide from Undead
1 scroll of Protection from Evil
A thin darkwood case with the symbol of the Palatine Eye. Inside the case is a spirit board.
The heroes can see that six Haunt Siphons have been removed.

The heroes take all of the items and return to Kendra’s house to rest for the evening.

The next morning, there is a large commotion down by the river. The heroes go out to investigate. There is a large crowd beside the large statue that is a memorial to the soldiers at Harrowstone Prison who gave their lives to prevent a prison escape several years ago when there was a fire in the prison. During the night, somebody has painted a large letter “V” in blood on the statue.

The heroes contemplate how to calm the unruly crowd.


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